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by Darlene DeStefano

Life is a journey
There is no destination
Mistakes will be made
Yet experience comes from doing
When the path gets rocky
Change the vibration
Be grateful for lessons
They are a part of growing


by Darlene DeStefano

The rose is a flower, a favourite of mine
it’s significance mirrors the white dove

The velvet petals so soft and lush
when given express an emotion called love.

The beauty of a rose goes far beyond
most anything I know

It fills my heart with such a feeling
to express I am unable to do so.

The rose it speaks of courage and respect
for it symbolizes so much

Whether it is given or it is received
your heart it will surely touch.

It may be given to congratulate
or for a job well done

The rose may even be a gift
for a performance that is won.

So extraordinary and vivid in colour
the rose has a fragrance of it’s own

An exquisite flower that’s truly divine
it’s healing energy’s becoming known.

I Am Truly Blessed

by Darlene DeStefano

My mother was my teacher in life
I wish I had listened more
When she passed I felt cut by a knife
I am truly blessed

A loyal friend is one to cherish
Few develop throughout a lifetime
Without them one could easily perish
I am truly blessed

Family should be close and loving
Yet mine feels distant to me
Living is giving and forgiving
I am truly blessed

I could never replace the love of my life
He worships the ground I walk on
Always, I could be a better wife
I am truly blessed

Help Me Please

by Darlene DeStefano

Help me please, to be the person I long to be
Help me please, to rid the anger inside of me

Help me please, to mend my broken heart
Help me please, to always to do my part

Help me please, to move from dark and lonely
Help me please, to feel free and happy only

Help me please, to be free of worry
Help me please, to relax and not hurry

Help me please, to eliminate strife
Help me please, to change my life

Help me please, to just release
Help me please, to finally find peace

Help me please, to feel the love within my being
Help me please, to you I come to stand tall not lean

Love Lost

by Brooke Waddington

There’s an emptiness deep inside
The bond of love is broken
The sadness that we’ve tried to hide
Our pain was seldom spoken

With our children shutting us out
They pulled their babes from reach
Not given the benefit of the doubt
It appeared we failed them each

We buried the pain to keep from surfacing
For thinking of it re-opened the wound
Realizing our part in everything
We began to become attuned

For love of self is where it begins
Forgiving one’s own limitation
While striving to do our very best
We survived through meditation

We hope our family can recover
Praying to be loved and respected
We humbly ask our heavenly Father
For the situation to be corrected