Welcome to the LIVE WELL TODAY learning portal. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation.

Various programs are offered to our members. Most are free yet some may require a fee. All are very worthwhile. Knowledge is Power! Get your Power On!

Meditation Station

Take time to start your day, take a break in the middle of the day, when the need arises, or in the evening to connect with your inner self. Meditations are anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour or more in duration. Whether relaxation, mindfulness, transcendental, you’ll find it here. Try the various methods. Make the time, improve your life.



Prayer Room

Religion is complicated and it along with prayer can be both good and bad for your health. Religion can be distressing, direct people away from conventional medical treatment, and can be a form of avoidant coping. Five scientifically-supported benefits of prayer include: improves self-control, makes you a nicer person, you become more forgiving, increased trust, offsets the negative health effects of stress. The greatest benefit of prayer is that it provides a vehicle for hope and optimism.


Puzzle Palace

Solving puzzles help cognitive processes and doing puzzles daily tends to be most effective. Five main psychological benefits are: improved memory, heightened creativity, facilitating the whole brain, dopamine production, meditative and relaxing. Benefits are strongly linked to how challenging they are. Avoid ones that are too childish or that are too difficult and create unnecessary stress. No matter how old someone is, puzzles need to provide fun in order to maximize their overall benefits.

Poetry Parlour

Poetry is emotionally moving and engages your brain. Emotion on its own is mere sentimentality. Emotion in classical poetry blends the intellect with feeling. Benefits of poetry can be mood changing and lift depression, can improve your writing and thinking skills, and is good for the memory. Writing poetry puts you in touch with your own emotions. When you write poetry you are forced to think in creative and mind-bending ways. Reading poetry expands your linguistic capabilities and stretches your imagination. Reading poetry engages the heart. When you read a poem, you have to engage your feelings or you haven’t read the poem.

Laughter Lounge

Laughter is the best medicine for mind, body and soul. It’s infectious. It binds people together an increased happiness and intimacy. Along with humour it triggers healthy physical changes in the body such as strengthening your immune system, triggering the release of endorphins, boosting your energy, diminishing pain, and protecting you from the damaging effects of stress. Laughter is priceless medicine and its free. Visit the Laughter Lounge and bring more humour and laughter to your life!

Word Search Affirmations

Word search is fun, mindless, and although is has been said they have little or no educational value, they take on a whole new meaning and produce significant benefits when affirmations are built into the word search. Affirmations are empowering; help you to shift your thoughts; manifest specific goals; keep things in perspective; help you to stay positive; keeps you focused; and are totally flexible and creative. Affirmations should be a never-ending life practice. Word search affirmations open you up to a new way of thinking in a creative and fun way.

Labyrinth Lane

The labyrinth is to be considered a spiritual practice and is often used as walking meditations, to search for meaning and guidance. As you enter the labyrinth, focus your thoughts on a question, challenge or concern. As you silently walk toward the centre, ‘let go’ of all thoughts and worries so you can just be in the present. At the centre a prayer or meditation is done to ‘let in’ Gods guidance, the divine into our lives. The walk out when you are ready is to ‘let out’, to take you back into your life, empowered by Spirit to transform your life and actions. The labyrinth can help in releasing grief, (“letting go”), help guide through troubled times, aid healing, aid in decision making, illuminate your purpose in life, and act as a tool of celebration and thanks.

Reading Materials

To further help you LIVE WELL TODAY here you will find informative articles, book recommendations and inspirational stories about people doing something remarkable. Read them and model their success strategies. The changes you need to make to achieve any small, seemingly insignificant goal, are oftentimes the exact same changes you need to make to achieve a very large goal.

Webinars, Workshops, Conferences

A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet. Workshops and conference are online via  live and on-demand or may be held at a physical location. LIVE WELL TODAY encourages all members to view what is offered here. Gain insight, knowledge, and tools for living well.

Empower Hour

Delivering an hour of empowerment on various subject matter. Your host will be a Professional member of LIVE WELL TODAY. Listeners will enjoy the learning opportunities, amazing insight, and limitless secrets for living well. Transform the way you look, think, and feel. Get your power on and tune in now.

Monthly Talk

It’s good to talk. Each month LIVE WELL TODAY will host a talk. This program may be interactive at the discretion of the speaker. Subject matter will always be geared to LIVE WELL TODAY and the title with a brief description will be posted at least one month in advance. Plan to be a part of the monthly talk.