Corporate Care

Corporate Care

The Corporate Care Program is designed to offer support to Professionals and Corporate clients to help bring balance, productivity and profitability to their place of business. The Corporate Care program is focused on building individual, team, leadership and organizational capacity to create a work environment that becomes more enjoyable and less stressful enabling employees to be more thoughtful and considerate in their interactions with one another, as well as with clients and the public.

Clients are inspired to create positive change that results in them reaching their full potential, both on-the-job and off. The Corporate Care program consists of the following services:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching 
  • Health and Wellness Program
  • HR and Transition Program


The Executive and Leadership coaching program equips individual executives, and managers with the tools to succeed. The Executive and Leadership program recognizes executive and leadership coaching is essential to helping talented, high-potential employees and the organizations they work for achieve optimal performance. With an organization’s productivity, profitability, and innovation reliant upon having strong, capable leaders in place, Executive Coaches inspire leadership by working one-on-one with organization leaders, to help them gain the personal leadership practices; and perspectives needed for creating greater work-life balance; build collaboration and employee engagement; deal with difficult people; resolve conflict; manage teams more effectively; and lead their organizations to greater success. 

Every coaching program is custom-designed, goal-oriented and measurement based. We also provide group coaching to provide on-going support to teams committed to high performance. 

The coaching program features:

  • A three, six or nine month program
  • Developmental, behavioural and/or skills objectives 
  • Metrics for success
  • Weekly/biweekly coaching
  • Just in time advice
  • Unlimited email 
  • Unlimited additional phone calls


Strategic Leadership Workshop

Improve your strategic leadership skills and increase your corporate performance. In this workshop you will learn how to think, act and influence others to voluntarily make day-to-day decisions that lead to the entire organization’s long-term vision for growth and financial success, while paying attention to its short-term financial ability. You will learn the keys to becoming a strategic leader and understand how to use it to drive team and corporate performance.    

Personal Leadership Workshop

In this workshop employees and managers will learn how to achieve personal and career success through greater self-awareness and insight into their natural behavioural preferences/ tendencies/ strengths and possible limitations/ development opportunities.  Participants will identify how to ‘flex’ their unique style to increase their personal effectiveness in their work and personal life. They will also learn personal leadership and effectiveness behaviours to assist them in achieving their career goals.


Stress and work-life balance are real issues. In fact 3 in 10 workers find most work days “quite a bit” or “extremely” stressful, affecting mental health. *2005 Statistics Canada biennial Canadian Community Heath Survey (CCHS).

Mental health problems affect organizations and their bottom line in many ways. Absenteeism and presenteeism due to mental health problems cost Canadian businesses $6 – billion annually. * The Life and Economic Impact of Major Mental Illnesses in Canada, a 2011 study conducted by Risk Analytica for the Mental Health Commission of Canada. 

65% of managers say they could do their job more effectively if they found ways to more easily manage distressed workers. 

63% of managers would like to receive better training to deal with this type of situation and 43% would like to receive more support from upper management and Human Resources. * Ipsos Reid, 2012

The Health and Wellness program offers complementary and holistic interventions to organizations to help them manage employee health and wellness, and build healthy organizations from the inside out. The Health and Wellness program helps individuals to tackle the personal, social, and physical challenges associated with improving their health and helps balance the needs of the employee and organization. Whether helping people focus on stress reduction strategies, addictions support, healthy eating, or coping with specific health challenges, the program helps individuals to change behaviours for optimal health.

The Health and Wellness program helps employees increase feelings of control, and enhance employees’ sense of pride in their work. The result is a work environment where employees enjoy and feel connected to their work and where they feel motivated to do their job well.  

The Health and Wellness program features:

  • Complementary & Holistic Interventions 
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Equine Therapy
  • Performance Counselling  
  • Life Coaching


ROSE – Rally On Self Empowerment

Improve corporate performance and empower your staff!  A powerful one day event that inspires, motivates, and empowers with tools and techniques to help participants achieve their best. A life changing event!

Relationship Dynamics

In this workshop your employees will learn how to manage various stresses in their life and how to build their relationships through kindness, compassion, courage and strength.

Let Your Spirit Soar

If you want your employees to give you their best maybe they need of a shot of inspiration, some motivation, to truly feel empowered, to know they can do and have more, then this is the program to set them on the right track. Help your employees give you their best by improving their outlook on their work life, family life, but most important for themselves!

Positive Thinking & Meditation

Relax, unwind and let go of the daily pressures of life. Learn how the simple methods of positive thinking and meditation can be used to relieve tension and enhance many areas of your life.

Equine Experiential Learning & More

This program incorporates horses to address mental health and personal development needs. 

There is no riding or horsemanship involved, making it both safe and effective. Clients work directly with horses face-to-face on the same footing. This ground level work enables clients to better perceive the horses’ actions and reactions as they work to process and solve their life challenges. Under the trained eye of the practitioners, horses offer clients honest feedback and usable information that helps them understand how their process and actions affect others and impacts their lives. This work is built on the premise that it’s the clients who best determine the kinds of life changes they need to make in order to improve their lives. The job of the practitioners is to meet the clients’ goals by having them engage the unique intuitive power of horses to help them understand their process and practice the changes they want to make in a safe, supportive setting. 


The Transition program is a thoughtful approach to change and transition that encourages clients to look at obstacles, patterns of behaviour during points of challenge in their lives. Often called upon during periods of difficult and unpredictable individual and organizational change, the Transition program helps clients remain focused, motivated, and accountable while they navigate new life circumstances. 

With clients like empty nesters, the newly divorced, retirees, or anyone facing a major life transition or the impact of organizational change, The Transition program helps clients to navigate difficult life transitions that allows them to see that, instead of a roadblock, transition can represent an opportunity to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. The Transition program creates an impact on retention and morale among employees and assists employees to come to terms with the interpersonal and emotional impact of personal and workplace change to help them move past the situation to regain their self-worth and get back to being happy, satisfied and productive employees. 

The HR consulting service supports organizations to develop an integrated and holistic approach to HR that ensures HR services support the achievement of the organization’s visions and strategy.

The HR and Transition program features:

  • HR consulting services 
  • Change readiness assessment with recommendations 
  • Support to define and enhance organizational culture
  • Develop and implement organization wide change management strategy
  • Staff and stakeholder consultation throughout process
  • Workshops (Managing Workplace Change, Communicating during Workplace Change, Relationship Dynamics, Moving Past Grief, etc.) 
  • Individual and Team Coaching to support the impacts of organizational change on individuals, and teams. 


Navigating Workplace Change 

This workshop will explore the personal impacts of change and teach you the difference between change and transition. You will understand how you personally walk through change and your unique responses. This workshop will explore the three phases of transition, common reactions to change and easy solutions, as well as the keys to successful communication during each phase. Participants will walk away with new insights into how change can be more of an innovating and invigorating experience and less stressful.  

Creating a Respectful Workplace

In this ½ day workshop you will walk away with a clear understanding of what it takes to takes to create respect in the workplace. You will be introduced to the concepts about Workplace Violence, Discrimination and Harassment. You will learn a quick synopsis of the legislation, definitions and protected grounds and examples of what ‘is’ and what ‘is not’ harassment, and how to handle complaints and create a workplace where everyone contributes to creating a respectful workplace.  

Managing Workplace Related Substance Abuse and Abuse 

In this workshop you will increase your awareness of the impact of substance use and abuse on the workplace. You will learn a model of understanding substance and abuse and learn what to do when you suspect an employee may be having difficulties with drug or alcohol use or abuse. 

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We can develop or tailor any program to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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We can develop or tailor any program to meet the unique needs of your organization.