Senior Geriatric Specialist 


Dear Elder,

Many times I have come into your presence and have felt a well of power rise up inside of me that fills my eyes with tears.Your journey has been long and filled with wonder, and now I am here to seek your counsel. From your journey, may you share your Inner Wealth with those of us who have yet to travel to the edge of the sky.  

May you always be respected and revered for the wisdom you hold, the trust you engender and the peace you instil. May you always remember that from your perspective today lies a wealth of knowledge of yesterday and beyond. When we seek your counsel, may you always know how we honour each and every word, for we know they have come at a cost.

Blessings…Faye Thornton


Frequent misdiagnoses and improper prescriptions in two common forms of dementia

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dementia experts from King’s College London have claimed that people with two very common types of dementia are often being misdiagnosed and consequently prescribed inappropriate medicine.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s dementia are the two types of dementia being referred to. Lewy Body dementia is the most common age-related dementia after Alzheimer’s disease, and most people with Parkinson’s disease develop Parkinson’s dementia.

The lack of awareness of these two forms of dementia lead to frequent misdiagnosis and improper prescriptions, which result in unwanted side effects and sometimes worsened conditions. Though the forms are common, they are severely under-researched, and require more attention.

As a result, the experts are calling for the UK Government to develop a strategy plan to address the lack of research in these areas.

"We hope that by improving recognition among researchers, medical professionals, and the public, we can go some way to reducing the problems of misdiagnosis and poor treatment which stem from the poor awareness of these conditions."