I Want to Hear Their Voice

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Relationships of any kind affect our emotional health. The ability to give and take, and just lighten-up makes it easier for each person to overlook the characteristics they may find somewhat unappealing.

Relationships are not easy, they take work and all relationships require respect for one an other. At LWT we recognize the importance of every relationship in life. We wear many hats and have many identities - spouse/partner, mother/father, daughter/son, sister/brother, employer/boss, coworker/colleague, and so on. We don't always see things the same; perceive things the same; or respond or react in the same way. Masculine and feminine qualities differ and females for the most part are more sensitive creatures. Life is forever changing. We don't think the same as we did five years prior. Experiences change us. Is it any wonder we have relationship issues? The biggest key is communication - and it takes two to communicate!

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You will gain a great deal of information that will help you to have better relationships in your life!

I Want to Hear Their Voice

by Guest   tags: communication


It’s true relationships are all about communication. My pet peeve is about adult children and the Internet. 

With internet and email things have changed, and not for the better in some cases. Yes, we have social media but most people want to 'hear' their children’s voice not read their conversation no matter what age their children are. There is no question phone is better than email, and if possible in-person is better than the phone. 

Even if it's just a short phone call or visit, it is welcomed and enjoyed much  more. When differences arise both parties need to respect the other. Each is entitled to an opinion, however if the opinion is hurtful, it is often better left unsaid. And it's always easy to agree to disagree before a conversation becomes heated. And that's OK.