LIVE WELL TODAY offers various types of membership with a brief explanation below and a link to more details and registration. Please note that Professional membership entitles the member to semi-exclusivity, giving you one-up on your competition and providing the viewer with limited choice of the best of the best in an effort to reduce confusion and being overwhelmed on who to choose.  It is your responsibility to review details on all membership pages and links. Any discrepancy in regard to inclusions shall be reviewed by the CEO who will render a decision in the matter and which said decision shall be without recourse by the member. All persons registering as a member agree to the Terms of Service as posted on this website.

General Member

It’s FREE - Anyone 16 years of age and older can become a LWT member at no cost. Membership entitles you to receive WOW (Words of Wisdom) delivered to your inbox, ability to participate in various contests, our quarterly PEP (People Empowering People) Newsletter, and member discounts where available. Become a member today by completing the form here. 

TAG Social Hub Member

In addition to the benefits of a general membership, as a TAG member you can participate in and/or host a 'Let's Connect' group or a number of groups in the TAG (Talk and Grow) Social Hub. Sharing and learning on matters of interest with like minded people! Make new friends! Enjoy life! Hosts pay a monthly fee and have the opportunity to earn LWT credits. These credits can be used for products or services promoted by LIVE WELL TODAY and their listed professionals. Participants pay a very low participation rate. Find out more about TAG  here.   
NOTE: you must be a General or Professional Member to access this page.

Professional Member 

Want an affordable cost effective solution to Attract more clients . . . Conserve time, and  . . Thicken your wallet?  The LIVE WELL TODAY Care Collaboration offers professionals like YOU a business solution like no other. 

Traditional advertising and promotional costs are too high AND less and less people choose to get information online. SEO and OAO is costly AND if you do it yourself it’s time consuming. YOU need an income that can give you the lifestyle you dream about. So as not to saturate our professionals pool, our Professional Members enjoy semi-exclusivity providing them the utmost promotion and visibility. The number of professionals in the LIVE WELL TODAY collaboration are limited by geographical location thus giving you greater exposure and putting you one step ahead of your competition. 

The LIVE WELL TODAY Care Collaboration offers professionals a business solution like no other. Our exciting platform provides greater value with loads of opportunity developed specifically to deliver more exposure for YOU and interactive support with greater engagement for consumers and clients.

There are several components to membership. The Listing - your professional profile, who you are, what you offer, your fees, and how you like to work. The Business Platform enables your clients to book their appointments, pay for them and choose their preferred service delivery whether in-person or by secure audio/video conferencing. The Consumer Engagement Platform offers you several opportunities to further promote your services through LIVE WELL TODAY.  

Who Should Apply?

If WEALTH is in your vision, you are an accredited professional, and YOU have the drive to achieve SUCCESS, or even MORE SUCCESS, plus a genuine desire to help others, and YOU consider yourself among the best of the best at what you do, the cream of the crop, one of the elite or the potential to be, and YOU can see yourself as a Ferrari (or other significant vehicle) delivering an exceptional experience each and every time, then LIVE WELL TODAY is for YOU and we welcome you to apply.

Our care collaboration is open to a limited number of accredited professionals per geographical location who offer services in the following areas.

• Emotional/Intellectual Health
• Physical Health
• Complementary Health 
• Financial Health
• Occupational Health 
• Social Health
• Spiritual Health
• Senior/Elders
• Corporate Care

How Can I Join?

The first step is to contact us to schedule a chat about YOUR services, and the benefits of being a part of the LIVE WELL TODAY Collaboration. 

There is no long term commitment. There is a one-time signup/semi exclusivity fee, plus an ongoing monthly fee which can be cancelled any time. 

All Professionals who participate in the collaboration agree to the Terms of Service posted on the LIVE WELL TODAY website.

In addition to generating revenue from your regular service fees you can generate even more revenue from Dear Professional, on demand service, seminars, workshops and more. With greater opportunities for additional income your rate of return depends on how much effort you put into providing a great service for our viewers, members and your clients.

Making a small monthly investment with the potential of a significant ROI is absolutely the wisest business decision you can make.

Advertising and promotion is key to any business, and today the Internet has become the billboard!

Join the LIVE WELL TODAY care collaboration with global reach!

Contact Us to Apply for the Professional Collaboration.

Content Associate Member

LIVE WELL TODAY offers fantastic opportunities for you to inform our members, and visitors about your product or service. We offer various categories, shared space, exclusivity, and dedicated space.  

You are invited to be a part of bringing health and healing to a higher level in the quest to promote meaningful living and healthy relationships. Reaching more people, to make an impact,  we are offering to share our platform with you. We have done the work. If your audience is similar to ours; and what you do and who you are resonates with us we extend to you a unique opportunity to become a business services member, content associate, sponsor, affiliate or advertiser. Let us help you reach more people in your unique category of product or service. 


  • You/your business will be associated with wellbeing in all areas, and endorsed by a high quality site and service, which will be promoted and circulated electronically. Audiences include Professionals who provide services, and consumers looking for, services in Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Complementary, Financial, Social, Occupational, and Spiritual Health. Additional areas within the site include and are not limited to Business Services, a Learning Portal, Social Hub and Corporation Care. 
  • Ongoing promotion through various print, broadcast, and virtual media platforms. 
  • You may opt to have a link from our website to yours. When a product or service catches the interest of the reader they usually want more information immediately - links make a difference.
  • Reserve your space now in the category appropriate to your business. The focus of these categories and sections can offer additional editorial value, providing you a bonus to inform and excite.
  • The Talk & Grow Social Hub, another super venue to reach your audience.
  • Business Services members will be hosted within the Business Services (B2B) Section. As a member in this category you are encouraged to provide a discount to professionals.
  • For Content Associates - Your content will be professionally reviewed. You may submit your own artwork to accompany your content subject to space availabily or size perimeters. LWT reserves the right to post artwork of its choosing if none is provided.
  • Sponsors choosing to submit banners may do so according to specific sizes.  

Our platform showcases ‘Live Well Today’ a division of Holistic Health Services Inc. There are various opportunities to synergistically promote your product or service while at the same time joining our movement promoting whole health to bring balance to mind, body and sprit. Support for “coping strategies” and “everyday challenges” are paramount and the reason LIVE WELL TODAY exists. We believe everyone’s focus should be to LIVE WELL TODAY’. 

Ways to be a business services member:

  • Provide a discount to service members
  • Promotion changes permitted on a quarterly basis

Ways to be a content associate:

  • Provide content weekly, monthly, quarterly on your subject matter
  • Content must be original and be your own work
  • Choose from Bronze, Silver, or Gold Content Associate packages

Ways to sponsor or become a community partner:

  • Website banner sponsor - home page, category page, sub category article
  • Line sponsors (acknowledged in website)
  • Media sponsor

Rates and packages? - to discuss please call 519-837-0507 or contact us.