The LABYRINTH is a POWERFUL tool. They can work real magic - moments that bring worlds together. They are often used for contemplation and are a symbol of the true human condition; a journey from being lost to becoming found. 

Invented in the mists of prehistory by a culture that functioned on quite different levels of consciousness than we do today. Labyrinth’s are an ancient symbol and archetype, and are often referred to as sacred. The outside represents daily life with all its stresses and doubts. The middle represents the centre of Self, our place of truth and certainty. Just walking them enhances silent meditation, or used in a more conscious way, they increase intuition and spiritual growth.

When you are tired of whatever is depleting you emotionally, physically, or spiritually, make a decide to take a new path to rediscover yourself. Trust it to guide you back to your own truth and what you desire. Connect with your inner self where insights are revealed. Find peace, and wellbeing may begin to be restored.

Labyrinths are found all over the ancient world from Indonesia to Sweden, from Southern India to Native American ones in Arizona in the USA. These right-brain magical tools have a single-path and low walls. Unlike mazes, which are left-brain puzzles, having high walls and offering many choices, there is only one choice with a labyrinth - “Am I going in?” 


Create a labyrinth on your property. Order one or draw one on a large canvas 36 ft x 36 ft. No room? No time? Draw one on a piece of paper and let your finger do your walking. Put your mind, body and spirit into it and you will experience the power of the labyrinth. Instructions for creating your own is detailed below.

At LIVE WELL TODAY we value the gift of the Labyrinth therefore we search the web to find the best site to locate labyrinths around the world. 
Here is the link, enjoy!

Create your own Labyrinth by following these instructions.