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LIVE WELL TODAY enables Professionals to deliver to you their services more efficiently and effectively. Support is offered via individual and group secure audio/video conferencing as well as in person.

Our service professionals are categorized under the main the headings of:

Emotional/Mental Health
Intellectual Health
Medical/Physical Health
Complementary Health
Financial Health
Occupational Health
Social Health
Spiritual Health

Additional categories include Seniors/Elders and Corporate Care.

Audio and video service delivery can be just as beneficial to clients/patients, as classic, in office, face-to-face meetings. Now performed electronically, online, using technological advancements that are continually expanding and meeting the need of consumers.

Professionals maintain the same level of care and professional ethics and standards of practice online as they would if they were meeting you, their client or patient in their office. LIVE WELL TODAY uses technology throughout its programs and services to meet the needs of our all our members. By focusing our expertise, LIVE WELL TODAY is arguably a unique ‘whole health’ care collaboration that uses technology as a benefit as our social structure continues to change and the use of secure/password protected meetings and discussions allow services to be delivered with excellent quality and effective results.

Our main difference to other online professional websites is that:
1) We only offer our professional subscription service to a limited number of "qualified and competent" professionals in the same type of practice within the same city, making it easier for you not to feel overwhelmed when trying to decide whom to choose.
2) During the application process our Professionals are questioned on their skills, know-how, and most importantly their willingness to achieve YOUR desired results. Always they will seek to uncover any core issues that may be or have been roadblocks for you. Their profile listing will identify them as being verified. This verification process is much more than just asking them about their education.      

FREE General Membership
General membership is free. We do not sell your name to marketing companies (see privacy policy in terms of service).  You become Please go to 'Join our Newsletter'.  fill in the form making sure to enter the mandatory fields. Click Submit. The form itself explains the process.

Once you have been confirmed, you will now gain access to the core features and some of the ‘restricted to members only’ areas. Plus you will receive other perks as described.

When scheduling an appointment with a Professional you will be required to login with your member number. Depending on the Professional you schedule an appointment with you may be required to submit additional information. If this is the case, you will be notified to provide the additional information needed.

When You Need Help
Please review the service providers professional background and their credentials. Once you have decided who you wish to speak with you can click 'Send Message' in their profile page or call them directly. You will be contacted by your counsellor within 24 business hours and a full therapeutic reply within 72 hours. 

If you are uncertain as to which service provider might best serve your needs please feel free to call or email LIVE WELL TODAY to discuss.

Payment for Service
Depending on the type of service pre-payment may be required at time of booking. Please contact the Professional directly.

Audio/Video Sessions
Secure audio/video sessions booked for one hour generally are approximately 50 minutes support time and 10 minutes for recommendations or suggestions, and note taking by your service provider.

Group Sessions
Some of our Professionals offer group sessions, classes, and workshop. Preview their services and feel free to contact them directly for more details.

Privacy Policy
Many services for our members are offered on an anonymous basis which helps to reassure them that no one knows they use our services unless they personally share that information with others. However, receipts requested for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement must state your full name. For more information please review our in-depth Privacy Policy contained within the Terms of Service.

The need for confidentiality is crucial for support or therapy to be successful. Thus, at no time will any of your information be discussed or documentation forwarded to others outside of LWT without your consent.

All physical documentation is maintained in a locked cabinet of that of the service provider delivering support/therapy and all electronic documentation may be kept on a desktop computer or other electronic device that the Professional uses. These records are generally maintained for a minimum of seven years since your last contact with your therapist and then disposed of in a secure manner.

Any Professionals who are being supervised will share your information with their Supervisor as is required by their respective Colleges of registration. These records are generally maintained for a minimum of seven years since your last contact with your therapist and then disposed of in a secure manner.

It is important that you are aware that the service provider must disclose client information where there is a legal obligation to do so. Also, if the service provider feels that you may be a threat to yourself or others, s/he is ethically required to report this to the authorities only as a means to avert harm. This includes suspicion of child abuse.

Confidentiality with online services
We feel very strongly that online support and therapy can be beneficial for many individuals. It is up to the service provider to use a secure platform that you are comfortable with. While may appointment platforms are secure in the usage of audio/video conferencing they can run a heightened risk of confidentiality being breached. It is important to remember that online sessions are limited by the security of the technology. Limitations may include system breakdown, authorized (e.g., internet service provider system administrator) and unauthorized persons potentially viewing messages, and the potential access of deleted messages where back-up records have been made.

In deciding to utilize online services it is your responsibility to make sure you have the necessary privacy you need. This means if you are at home, at work, or in a public place, you need to be aware of who may be present and thus invade your privacy during your session.

All payments are conducted online. You will require a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Please know that counselling services may be covered under private health insurance and clients are encouraged to check with their provider.

Please note
All Professionals are independent contractors and not employees of LIVE WELL TODAY. It is important that clients experience LIVE WELL TODAY Professionals as competent practitioners/service providers, who conduct themselves with the utmost integrity.

With regard to emotional/mental health professionals - They will not conduct therapy with individuals whom they feel need a more intensive level of treatment than they can provide nor do they continue to work with individuals who they feel are not benefiting from their treatment approach. In such cases, they or LIVE WELL TODAY will make recommendations for other possible treatment options that can be pursued.

Holistic Insights, a library containing information on all health categorized as emotional, intellectual, medical, physical, financial, occupational, social, and spiritual, PLUS, Dear Professional and our Chat Platform.

Dear Professional, read what others have asked and been answered. Or, choose on demand service ($ fee applies) and get your own question answered. Previous letters are posted in Q&A accessed from the Dear Professional Page in Holistic Insights.

Learning Portal, offering a virtual time out room for meditation and guided imagery, word search affirmations, goal setting, empower hour, monthly talk, webinars, seminars and workshops.

Senior/Elder Care, offering supports and guidance for you and the caregiver.

Corporate Care, a number of programs and services will be offered by our Professionals.

For Professionals 
Professionals wishing to be part of our Care Collaboration are required to apply for registration. The professional membership is semi-exclusive allowing for only a limited number of professionals in each geographical location. After you have been accepted to our collaboration of service providers you will be set up in the system. We will notify you once you are in the system so you can complete your online profile. To begin the application process please contact us.