Now as the trees shed their leaves and the forest paths change their carpet from brown- green to gold we reflect on the season that is passing and of the one ahead.  Just as the trees have set their winter buds, dropped their leaves and are drawing their sap back into the heart of the tree to restore themselves during this next season, so we are wise to think on what we have done and enjoyed through the summer and autumn months, and look to prepare for the next season in our own lives.  

This is a natural time to look at what has worked well for us in our relationships, our finances, and our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  It is an equally natural time to tidy up loose ends, recognize and let go of practices and attitudes that aren't serving us any longer, and assess where in our life we want to go and what we are prepared to do to get there.

Whichever areas of life we want to make better, be it in our relationships,  nutrition, health and relaxation, spirituality, personal happiness, home life, or finances, getting started is key.  To make these changes we may well find much of what we need inside ourselves, or we might want look to others who's expertise and guidance can help us get there.  So let go of what you no longer need, set your goals and intentions, line up whatever sources of help and encouragement you will need, and begin making the changes that will restore you and prepare you for being your best in this next season of your own life.  

Submitted by Robin Kingscote