Chit Chat and all That!

At LIVE WELL TODAY we offer a very different kind of café/forum.

In order to access the café, you will need to login.

Members are welcome to place a post, and converse here however everyone must adhere to a very strict policy for the benefit of all members who choose to LIVE WELL TODAY! And to do that good manners and courtesy is a requirement along with positive energy.

  • No profanity or curse words
  • No snide remarks
  • No insulting, prejudiced or offensive posts
  • No discrediting or putting down people, places or things
  • Be mindful of how others may be feeling
  • Do not judge others
  • Remember the old saying “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”
  • Anything you post must come from a positive perspective even if you’re questioning something
  • Do not recommend treatments or medications – you can state you found a particular treatment helpful, however only a medical professional can diagnose and recommend treatment.

Note that contravention of this policy may result in your member number being blocked from participation in the café.