For a growing population seeking a truly holistic approach to health and well being, LIVE WELL TODAY will deliver an exceptional online experience.  LIVE WELL TODAY is dedicated to helping members achieve balance in mind, body and spirit. Our focus on whole health aims to support meaningful living and healthy relationships.

Our collaboration of Professionals include emotional health, mental health, intellectual health, complementary health, financial health, occupational health, social health, and spiritual health. They offer support, guidance and advice, delivering services both in person and online through secure audio and video conferencing that supports HIPAA and PIPEDA compliancy. Yes, you can rest assured your personal information can remain private.

We work hard to engage, educate, and empower our visitors by offering tools, information, stories, games, learning opportunities and more which are posted regularly. Membership to consumers is free. Register to become a member today and receive program discounts WOW your daily “Words of Wisdom” and more.


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Corporate Care

Solutions and strategies for business, management and staff.



Felicity Says . . . Remember a time when you were filled with pride. Now feel it and keep smiling all day!


Women now drinking almost as much as men.



Darlene DeStefano

Darlene DeStefano, PhD, CPC, MMsc

Founder & CEO

Darlene is devoted to helping others heal, move forward in life, and become empowered.  She believes in whole health and is a crusader for meaningful living and healthy relationships.  Darlene also operates a private practice as an intuitive, life and business coach, trauma and grief counsellor, and relationship dynamics specialist.






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